A Year in Fashion: The Most Popular Styles of 2016

As you put together your wardrobe for the New Year, you’re going to want to take note of the biggest trends of 2016. Lyst, a U.K.-based online fashion retailer, collected data on the top styles North Americans were shopping for — from black lace tops to soft velvet dresses, trendsetters spent the year looking good. The best part? These looks are all bust-friendly. Here’s eight of the most coveted styles in Canada and how to wear them.

Black lace

Like a pair of patent pumps, black lace never goes out of style. Lace dresses and tops were the go-to party look for fashionable women this year. Between sleeveless blouses and knee-length dresses, lace remains as sophisticated as it is sexy. If you can't pull a Lara and forego the bra, pair a nude strapless or lacy black bra underneath.

Lara Stone: Getty Images

Over-the-knee boots

Tall boots are a fall wardrobe staple. As seen on the likes of the Kardashian clan, Lyst saw a 125 per cent increase in sales for the over-the-knee styles compared to 2015. Worn casually with a sweater dress, or formally with a fitted skirt, these boots make an impression wherever they go.

Left: The Highland Boot, Right: The Hijack Boot

Stuart Weitzman


Bodysuits made a huge comeback in 2016, revamping the 80s workout gear into flattering, form-fitting styles. Long sleeve and lace-up looks were the biggest hits, which is good news for full-busted women. With stretch fabrics that fit larger breast sizes, lace-up bodysuits allow you to control the amount of cleavage shown while keeping bras tucked out of sight.

Miriam Baker, Lawrence Cortez


This popular colour outsold grey in 2016, confirming that women still love to look pretty in pink. Between rose, coral and blush, there’s no shortage of shades to experiment with. Pair a pink pattern with a dark piece for a pop of colour, or play with different hues for a summertime look.  

Miriam Baker, Lawrence Cortez


In a country where most holidays — and holiday parties — happen in chilly winter months, velvet is a cosy fabric that still looks formal. Lyst found that come September, Canadians were stocking up on black velvet pieces, and were gravitating towards green by December.

Daisy Lowe: Getty images, Monica Bellucci: Dave Benett for WireImage


This summer began a new obsession with off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses. The look is a nod to Brigitte Bardot’s popular 60s style, and it’s safe to say it won’t be going away anytime soon. Although the style looks hard to pull off with a bra, pair an off-the-shoulder dress with a supportive strapless from PrimaDonna. With sizes up to an G cup, there’s no reason to compromise style for comfort.

Left: Fendi, Right: Ellery


With a growing interest in healthy living, 2016 saw an increase of athleisure apparel. Lyst reported a 35 per cent jump in sportswear sales, especially when it came to luxe sweatpants and hoodies. The rise in luxe comfort will continue in 2017, with fabrics like stretch silk and cashmere elevating athletic wear to a new level.

Miriam Baker, Lawrence Cortez

Mini bags

Blame cult classics like Clueless or Romy and Michele's High School Reunion — 90s-style miniature bags are back. Over the last 12 months, internet searches for mini bags grew 140 per cent. From petite backpacks to small handbags, as long as they fit the essentials, no bag is too tiny.